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We feel that the name “CustomCreative” perfectly embodies why we created this website. Horoscopes have had a profound impact on our lives and helped shape who we are today. We seek to deliver products and information related to all things horoscope related. Our love for horoscopes originated when we were children and matured throughout the years, eventually leading to CustomCreative.

Younger Years

I was raised in a progressive household with “New Age” parents who allowed me to follow my dreams and explore my passions. They were very supportive of everything I wanted to do. My “starry-eyed” childhood eventually allowed me to discover astrology, horoscopes, and a love for the stars.

As I began applying to colleges, I realized another love of mine – animals. I chose to attend a school that allowed me to study animals and become a veterinarian. The natural beauty of animals has always struck me. Others have said that I have a giving spirit, and I feel as though this is one of the reasons why I so desperately wanted to find a field where I could have an impact.

Although I studied how to become an animal tech, my love for horoscopes never ceased to exist. I continued to follow the stars. Horoscopes and astrological signs influenced my daily decisions and eventually led me to my loving husband.

Life After College

I knew right away that the man I had just met was going to be in my life forever. We immediately began dating. Shortly after college, we married and started building his medical practice. While I was busy studying to become an animal tech in school, he was studying to become a psychiatrist. He had a drive and passion that I had never seen before. It showed when we graduated and he opened his own practice right away.

While my husband was busy building his psychiatrist practice, I was busy starting my career as an animal tech at a local veterinarian’s office. Although I worked with numerous animals, my first love is and always will be horses. As you may know, a horse is the seventh zodiac sign in the Chinese calendar. Horses are known to be:

  •     Energetic
  •     Active
  •     Animated

Perhaps there was a natural attraction that brought me to the horse. Regardless, I continued to focus on my career as a vet tech while my husband focused on his psychiatrist career. Astrology and horoscopes continued to be a hobby and a passion, but nothing more.

We invite you to Contact Us or comment on our posts. Our goal in forming CustomCreative was to create a community of astrology lovers who can connect and share their passion for horoscopes. Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!