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Uncovering the Life and Times of Sun Tzu: Exploring His Lasting Impact

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese military general and philosopher who is renowned for his teachings in military strategy and tactics, as written in The Art of War. His revolutionary strategies have been used time and time again throughout history, with their application extending far beyond the battlefield to everyday life. Sun Tzu’s philosophies remain[…]

A Tribute to the Vintage Throwback Art of Eric B and Rakim

Eric B and Rakim

In the world of Hip Hop, there are countless opinions on who is the best rapper or rap group of all time. This opinion is usually based on personal preference or who is the most popular rapper at the time. However, there can be a objective answer to this question, and that answer is Eric[…]

DJ Q – He Got The Juice 

“Dream big – dream very big. Work hard – work very hard. And after you’ve done all you can, you stand, wait, and fully surrender.” Perhaps this is what Q stood for. He worked hard, had his share of struggles, faced the most adverse situations but never gave up on his dreams. And, finally, after[…]

Mobb Deep – The Iconic Duo That Broke Records For Hard-core Hip Hop

original Mobb Deep adidas sneakers on auction

There is no way you can play down the power of words; they can reach deep and move one’s heart and soul. East Coast hip hop is perhaps the best example of how impactful words can be. Composed of complex, deep, and hard-hitting lyrics, hip hop from the East Coast can be intense and thought-provoking.[…]

LeBron James: The King Of The Court

Strength and phenomenal leaping ability, these adjectives best describe LeBron James, an acclaimed and highly renowned basketball player today.  He jumped straight into the basketball court from high school, and since then, there was no looking back for him. Currently, he plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. Having played for three teams,[…]

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